Agility 1 -

  • This class starts with ground work, 4 basic turns, teaching your dog to follow you while learning side changes,
  • Playing some Control off leash games like "Whip lash head turn", Look at that, Bars open Bars closed
  • the last two classes I will add jumps.
  • Sit Stay - lead out exercises
  • Balancing and Body Awareness exercises, wobble board, fit paw balls, perch work

Agility 2 -

  • Continue Jump Skills
  • Adding chute and tunnels
  • Teeter Bang Game
  • start on finished result on contacts
  • Start Handling small sequences with jumps

Agility 3 -

  • Start weave training
  • Continue working on contacts
  • Continue working on jump skills


Agility -

  • Ready for the arena  
  • Proofing new environment
  • Putting small sequences together.

At this stage each session will be increasing your teams ability to preform whole courses.

Puppy Obedience is for pups 5mths to 1 yr. This class is about the basics yet focusing towards Agility

  • Sit / Stay
  • Down / Stay
  • Walk with me
  • Attention
  • Body Awareness
  • Impulse Control
  • Toy Drive
  • Shaping


 Puppy Obedience 


Crate Games is a great class for dogs of all ages, its a great progression from Puppy Obedience. This class teaches a great sit and hold, it is a mental game that challenges your dog to think and problem solve which enhances there ability to make better choices in life.

Crate Games


Owner- Tina Stafford, 360-731-9605 email

  • Photo of My Student Jackie McVay winning High in Trial CPE Nationals

about Four Paw Fun Dog Training
Owner/Trainer - Tina Stafford

I started my training in 1990  when I bought my first Jack Russell Terrier, I had seen the dogs on TV and thought they were so cute... Boy did I need to learn quickly, I took classes from award winning trainers in Competition Obedience, Had private trainers come to my house, and took a ton of classes. The one thing I learned very quickly was that this breed will not tolerate abusive training techniques, the more I got aggressive the more they got aggressive... go figure! By 1996 I was showing JRTs in conformation, racing, earth work, Agility and taking them back east to hunt with hunting judges.

I started to have the most fun running my dogs in Agility. Taking classes, attending seminars and reading numerous books about the sport. In 1998 I got a job teaching at the Bethel K9 Training Center I was teaching obedience and quickly had my boss buying agility equipment and fencing off back yard. Some of these students are still with me today... Most have different dogs then when they started but have also found the love of this sport. I started my own business in 2005.