ALL CLASSES ARE $140.00 for the 6 WEEK SESSIONS

WARNING: Most of My classes are designed to make you attractive to your dog, working on play drive, engagement, shaping behaviors.

If you are looking for a class that uses physical force, harsh verbal corrections, sitting in a chair for an hour hoping for a miracle... it will not be happening in my classes, all my class are team based and interactive. So please consider this before signing up.



Tina Stafford

‚Äč  Cell- 360-731-9605 or

10680 Ridge Rim Trl. SE  Port Orchard, WA 98367


If the weather turnsugly we will not have class, snow, ice, high winds, temps above 90. During this time please keep an eye on your email or please call me.

Description of all classes can be found on my HOME page

Best way to reserve a spot in my classes is to fill out a sign up form and mail me your class fee of 140.00.

I will be out of the office from May 1-12

Mondays -
May 21 @ 10am Advanced Agility
May 21 @ 11am intermediate Agility

May 21 @ 5pm Puppy Obedience
Apr. 23 @ 6pm Focus & Engagement

May 14 @ 7pm- Beginner agility
May 29  @ 9:30am Advanced Agility

May 29  @ 10:45am Intermediate Agility
May 29  @ 5pm Advanced Agility
Apr. 17 @ 6pm Advanced Agility
Apr. 18 @ 4pm- Beginner Agility

Apr. 18 @ 5pm Agility 2

Apr. 30 @ 6pm Intermediate Agility

Apr. 19 @ 10am- Agility 1-

Apr. 19 @ 11am- Beginner Agility

Apr. 19 @ 12pm- Crate Games

Apr. 19 @ 5pm- Agility 1 - first class on your way to agility

Apr. 19 @ 6pm Agility 3