Adjustable Flat Buckle Collars, pick your color, size, and trim

All the Collars above are martingales, You will need to choose a Tab length to go with these collars. I have found that a 10" tab works the best for easily getting the collars on and off your dog but some customers like a shorter or longer tab, PLEASE let me know if you would prefer anything other than a 10" tab

Welcome to Four Paw Fun Dog Equipment

You will be able to Customize you Dog Equipment here Choosing your Collar style, Trims and your Leash Materials with add ons to make it your own.

Lets start with your Collar Style, Below you will find several styles of Collars to choose from. Once you have found the Style you prefer then you will pick the color for your new collar, If you are choosing a Martingale do you want to add a Quick Release to it?